Friday, December 16, 2011


I look upon the final moment of life for a living. I document in pictures and sometimes video crime scenes at the direction of an investigator.
Refraction is the phenomenon that allows light that goes in a straight line to be bent and in my case bent down a tube full of elements of glass to be captured by a light sensitive chip.
I also see the refraction in attitude that has taken place in me and those I work with. There are two ways to bend in this case. One way is to bend toward the bitter and rancor getting absorbed and becoming judgmental. Another way is to bend away and cast off judgement leaving you with a higher understanding of life.
I like my way of bending away from and keeping cleansed of the attitude that fosters the pain and resentment that often causes my job to be needed.
That level of pure optimism is not always possible, so I will share the difference, as needed, and hope others learn too.

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  1. I cannot describe in words how truly exciting I think this is...I will be an avid reader...