Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Man almost kills three children is not headline grabbing enough. Not when the rivers roar of bodies goes mostly unreported. It makes little difference when it happens to you.

I drive around a lot. My job keeps me in Los Angeles proper which is to say all that area covered by LAPD. I drive through what many would consider the worlds killing fields, too many ignorant selfish people competing for a way through having no idea of the way out. One would think my job as a crime scene photographer would ensure the most spectacular rearrangement of a human would be found on a murder scene. No, traffic collisions are the worst, we are called out on KTC, or Killed Traffic Collision. One of the traffic divisions will usually call in and say; “this is officer (insert hame here) and I have a 'K'.” Then its an intersection or nearest one, rarely an address, to tell me where to go. Driving around I have only seen one near fatal and it happened several cars ahead. I had to park my truck in front of the man who lay in the street to keep him from being run over, again. I waited for the fire department and CTD (central traffic division) to show up and I left.

Last night I was going East bound on Vernon near Central ave. I was waiting to cross Avalon when a new white corolla made a sudden acceleration and sharp left turn. There was a man in his thirty’s about five and a half feet tall and five small children in the crosswalk. Two jumped back toward the man, I could not see the others, my view was straight ahead and blocked by the corolla as it 'whipped left' and stopped. The man in the crosswalk looked over the car and then began to kick it violently. I had to wonder if some nasty fight would break out or if bodies were now under the car or tossed up onto the sidewalk. I was a moment away from calling in some officers when the car slowly pulled away. I could then see that the other three children were as fleet of foot as they were of mind. They had made it to the other side. The light turned green and I continued my East bound trek to Central Ave to go north and back to the lab. I finally caught up to the car and driving it was a very old man and with him in the front seat was a child in a safety seat. It seemed grandpa and grandchild were together. I only wondered if the problem would move on to the next generation.

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