Friday, December 30, 2011


I don't always want to go to work. Today is Friday December 30th and I am going in early. On the news someone has set fire to a number of cars in Hollywood. I know this will be high profile and a very large scene. I hope it's being covered by someone else....

No, today is a day I would rather enjoy the sunshine and cruse through some simple cases like the 459 standard robbery where no one gets hurt, and no one was there besides the thief. The idea of photographing reeking cars with the media all over the place has me cringing. In a few minutes I will go take care of my chickens, I took care of the dog, I will look forward to two days off coming up.

Insert celebrity lesson here: they are by definition normal considering the extraordinary pressure exacted on them to reflect our hero worship by giving us validation and recognition. I have met a number of them, they all react the same way when robbed or injured, same as us....

If I were the most famous person ever because of what I do, I would simply say; “I don't always want to go to work.”

A Buddhist bread-maker said in effect, knead needs no reason. “I make bread.” Today I hope the toast does not burn.
*** Epilogue***
I did not go on the mad arsonist call. I did spend all day on one crime scene I will never forget. That will have to be a story for some years from now.

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