Friday, April 27, 2012


We have to be careful. Some more than others will simply stick their hands into a whirling machine just to see why it's stuck, I have seen what happens on that one. Longevity sometimes goes to the observant, impulsive non observance can really end it for you quick.

Around Parker Center there were many signs posted to avoid annoyance. Smoking was a big theme.

We put up caution tape that says; “DO NOT CROSS”, in two languages that should tell anyone to just walk around. I have seen people just duck under and go on through like it means nothing. One guy on a bike zipping down the sidewalk caught the tape with his throat. Were it not forgiving plastic that would have been another headless person for me to photo. I have photographed missing arms and the squashed bodies of those who just think the words are for someone else.

My dearest love and I had what I now understand to be an intense misunderstanding when we were struggling to keep going together. Communication broke down often, I had poor understanding of her signs. We sat facing each other at a favorite restaurant. Her fists were tight and near hear face. I knew something was wrong but I am poor at reading such things. After more than a month of discussion with understanding I now know that she wanted so badly to be touching me, to feel my warmth.

I have felt poorly about not reading the signs around me, the ones that lack words. I am assured that I won't be missing any limbs or worse for it. It is now my joy to see her in many places even when the miles separate us both. Look around, lovely is everywhere.

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