Sunday, April 29, 2012

Bump Back

There are things that go bump in the night, we bump back.” It was taken from a popular movie, Hellboy. I really like it, it encompasses a lot.

We train, we are dedicated, we are unified the few thousand of us at LAPD. I have six months of over the shoulder critiques after coming to my job with more than a decade of taking photos, video, and film. I am ready and confident that the misery I walk up to shall not go undocumented when I'm there.

When the night horrors fly unfettered looking for easy prey they will avoid the few who bump back.
There are times when I feel like bitch slapping half the planet for doing stupid stuff like burning books and tagging.

I just remember one thing. A book that lives in your heart can never be burned. Fill your heart with good stuff. The bump in the night will go bother someone else.


  1. Yes, Harry, I agree. The books in our hearts become more meaningful and never be burned.
    I think your beautiful photos and words about your work are changing the image of LAPD.

  2. That means a lot, thank you so much!