Friday, July 27, 2012

Never Give up

Were I as so arrogant to assume the ability to mobilize the English language and send it into battle, I would do so without apology. Never give up on being a better writer.

We have, for now, free speech. It is as free as you take it. Free speech is not given to you. Try to say something against the popular grain such as: “Dr Martin Luther King was a Republican” and the flummoxed faces will soon shout indignation and spew hatred for you no matter your color. I know this as I see the hate for conservative blacks promoted by what used to be the main media. The main media is quickly faltering. I have watched it lie for twenty seven years as of this post, July of 2012. Never give up on finding every facet of truth.

I have policy disagreements with Liberals. They have, on average, poor grasp of business. What they do understand is that education and qualification are of paramount importance. I have no argument with that. They do, shout down, anyone they can who is not qualified to “speak”. Never give up on your rights.

I am not writing today to make a declaration or turn the tide. I would simply remind those who hold power, for now, that all glory is fleeting. Notice the little people holding a golden crown of thorns above your head. The only real legacy anyone should care about is the truth. The truth will outlast everything we are and build. Be careful of self importance fueled by any form of adulation. Arrogance has brought down empires. Never give up your freedom.

I have been called a racist for not wanting Obama reelected. I would vote for Dr Condolezza Rice. Mmm, am I covering several Liberal bases here? Never give up on self determination.

The most important aspect to success for an individual is their Emotional IQ. They can gather others to forward an idea or make a big project happen. Be careful of the politician who is merely good at making you feel like your being listened to. Most important, be careful what you demand with your protesting and petitioning of the government. Any government big enough to give you everything, is also big enough to take everything. Never give up on your innovation.

I think protests are awesome. Please, protest at will. Just do your cause and my nose a favor. Do not take over the lawns of public places and leave feces and trash all over. That is what the public will really remember about what you are. Not what you stood for. You see, a trash pile and hazardous waste clean up is the final sound bite of everything you were trying to do with the occupy movement. A sound bite destroyed any message you could have had. All glory, and fame, are fleeting. Never give up your soul.
He mobilized the English language and sent it into battle to steady his fellow countrymen and hearten those Europeans upon whom the long dark night of tyranny had descended.
Edward R. Murrow, American journalist, on Winston Churchill, 1954


  1. Harry,

    I always appreciate your crisp, concise, no-nonsense story with cool educational element. I read it three times.

    And I noticed that you have Home Depot ads "PROFESSIONAL WINDOW INSTALLATION" underneath this comment. How did marketing people choose your blog? This blog belongs to a crime scene photographer, working for LAPD and with detectives. Maybe they didn't read your posts well. Oh! I got it. The photo of the LAPD building on your wall shows all the windows!

    1. I chose to allow ads. I have no control over who puts ads on the site. I thank you very much for the compliment! I have gotten some other feedback about this particular post. Well, it was of a kind :)