Monday, March 19, 2012

Spoiled Lunch

We take it for granted in our western world that lunch is sacrosanct. We do not allow intrusion, there are laws against taking it away.

FLSA is one of those acronyms that means Fair Labor Standards Act. CFIT is my favorite acronym, it means Controlled Flight Into Terrain. They both come from the Federal Government and are meant to be part of what makes my life better. FLSA is the one that has the rules about lunch, you have a CFIT, and lunch is no longer a big priority. We have had memos and employees have been disciplined for not taking a proper lunch. I can and do have my lunch time taken away, rarely. I try to bring my own food to work just in case. Today will be chicken soup from my fat thermos. Love it!

Yesterday I sat with my lovely girlfriend during my lunch hour at a place that knows I'm on a time crunch. It was Sunday, the place is popular despite the carpet that needed replacing fifteen years ago. It is a classic Japanese ramen sit down with reggae playing just loud enough to notice when you want to. I got quite anxious when the normal 2 minutes to sit and order stretched into ten. My date became apprehensive, I saw that because I know her. Thats when I felt bad. She is so lovely and expressive and here I am not able to keep up a happy attitude.

I had to wonder about how many people loose it after a ruined lunch. Being in the murder business I ponder what the 'last straw' is for some. Most people kill for a reason. Those of reason then determine if it's murder. Sometimes it is, extenuating circumstances can mitigate sentencing.

I took careful consideration of my attitude as the warmth of the broth made it too my nose and the precision of the ramen making and cooking gave me comfort. I knew someone had put more effort into my lunch then I was.

I said I was sorry. She said not to worry. I realized that lunch, like the rest of life is an experience, how silly I felt for not making that one moment it's best, like I know how too. I at least know that much now, I will pass on the good.

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