Sunday, February 12, 2012

Motivate This

I have studied and practiced public speaking to the extent of winning awards for it. In my study I have run across a lot of 'motivational speakers'. I have concluded that the bottom line to life is the bottom line.

So I spent about a year at Toastmasters. I got good at getting up in front of a small group and doing my speech thing. I learned not to use 'So', so much, and to never begin a sentence with it. It was fun and has given me more education than I thought possible. One way I studied technique was to see some motivational speakers. Some few minutes into having sunshine blown up my ass I began to wonder how these paramours of attitude reacted when their kids cranked out or the dog crapped up the persian rug and chewed their 'one of a kind' electric guitar they never played. The magic quickly dissolved after working with a few celebrity’s I don't work with celebrity’s for fun, mine or theirs, enough said.

I had the wonderful opportunity to produce a radio show all about seniors. Some I remember vividly. One was a cranky, loud, Jewish-Italian lady, “I'm not dead yet” was her bottom line to continue new projects. She spoke several languages fluently according to some of the others she spoke with. She liked me, I know this because she yelled at me a lot. It was not yelling, I was a member of her family so the others told me. She lost the blood ones and was the first to tell me that family is the one you make. “Forget the blood and go with the ones good to you!” That came complete with hand gestures. She was of 'the greatest generation', a WWII survivor. By 1947 Italy was no longer a home to her. I lost contact with her and the others when I left KPCC.

The bottom line is the final end. You die, it's over. Carry a minimum sage with you at all times, make it concrete, a hammer blow to the barriers of your progress. Your bottom line could be; “your not dead yet.” I know someone who will smile down on you for using it.


  1. Harry,

    I'm not dead yet.

    a former member of Toastmasters
    I received a Table Topic Master award.

    1. So many, especially me, are glad to hear that.